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Napa Jet Center offers a complete host of aircraft services, including detailing, lavatory, laundry, catering, and more. For information on our aircraft maintenance and repair services, please be sure to visit our Aircraft maintenance department.


Napa Jet Center aircraft services include:


  • Quick turn capability
  • Conference rooms and multiple crew lounges
  • Secure aircraft parking
  • Security CCTV, fencing & security personnel on request
  • Tie down area
  • Lav- service
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Aircraft cleaning, exterior & interior
  • Cargo handling forklift
  • GPU
  • Heated hangar space available - long term and short term
  • Nitrogen service
  • Oxygen service
  • EPIC / UV Air FBO Network
  • Catering
  • Coffee
  • Ice
  • Newspapers
  • Golf clubs

Detailing case study

A clean-up job like this is not unusual for our aircraft detailing team here at Napa Jet Center! We start by cleaning up and vacuuming, then clean and condition all leather, polish all wood and metal surfaces, shampoo the carpet, plus clean windows, light fixtures and walls. All interior surfaces are refreshed and renewed. This detailing job was turned around within one day, and the effect inside is like having a new aircraft.

BeforeAfter detailing by Napa Jet Center
BeforeDetailing AfterDetailing