Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) is an optional expansion to the Evolution Flight Display System. ESV presents a real-time, computer-generated 3D view of terrain, obstacles, and traffic. The synthetic rendering simulates the view from the cockpit on a bright day, so it’s especially helpful to provide enhanced situational awareness when flying during conditions of reduced visibility or darkness.

Built-in Terrain Warning System

ESV comes standard with an integrated Terrain Warning System that combines terrain and flight path marker coloring, caution and warning text, and an audio warning signal, to alert you when terrain or obstacle collision is imminent.

Unique Flexible Display Layouts

User-configurable screen layouts allow you to specify which PFD and/or MFD screen areas you wish to display synthetic vision. Choose between wide and normal field of view settings to control the level of detail you prefer. And you can choose to display ESV simultaneously on both the PFD and MFD.

Simple, Easy Upgrade

Your Authorized Aspen Avionics Dealer can easily upgrade your Evolution Flight Display installation via each display’s front-loading micro SD slot. Pricing for the PFD is $2995, each MFD is $795.

Unique Features & Benefits

Three arc-second terrain data accuracy

  • 3-D traffic and obstacles
  • Built-in Terrain Warning System
  • User-configurable screen layouts
  • Wide or narrower field-of-view options
  • PFD and MFDs may display synthetic vision simultaneously
  • Low-cost upgrade

In addition to unique-to-Aspen features, ESV also includes all of the familiar Synthetic Vision capabilities pilots have come to expect, including flight path marker symbology and perspective views of traffic, obstacles, airports and runways.

Versatile, User-Configurable Layouts