Aspen Evolution and Avidyne DFC90 Superior Autopilot Integration

  • Clearly displayed annunciations, including underspeed/ overspeed
  • Integrated airspeed selection
  • Synchronized heading bug
  • Aspen’s Solid-state AHRS gives you maximum coupled flight stability and reliability
  • Superior attitude-based flight control with innovative Envelope Protection

The award-winning Aspen Evolution Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the innovative Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot have paired up to give you the highest level of safety and precision flying, and the ultimate retrofit upgrade package for your GA aircraft.

Digital Precision and Safety

The Evolution Pro PFD and Avidyne DFC90 integration allows the attitude-based DFC90 autopilot to fly the aircraft using reference signals from the integrated, solid-state AHRS in the Evolution Pro PFD for maximum stability and reliability.

The Avidyne DFC90 brings a new level of precision and safety to the GA cockpit with features, such as low and high-speed envelope protection and one-touch straight and level capability for unusual attitude recovery. Intuitive autopilot annunciations on the Evolution Pro PFD make the entire system fully integrated and easy to use.

The feature-rich Evolution Flight Display system presents all your critical flight information in one easy-to-read location; and coupled with Avidyne’s DFC90 autopilot, flying is made simpler and safer, especially for single pilot IFR operators.

Evolution and DFC90 – your ultimate digital cockpit.