Aircraft equipped with AmSafe Crew Seat Belts

AmSafe has issued Service Letter SL279213 to call attention to the belt connector half assembly tongue web slide where the web slide has been found to be cracked, damaged or missing, see pictures below. The Service Letter provides instructions on how to replace the tongue web slide insert.

In addition to the Service Letter, AmSafe has also issued a no technical objection (NTO) letter allowing operation with the tongue web slide broken or missing.

You may obtain the Service Letter or the NTO letter by contacting Napa Jet Center.

ATA 25 Cabin Seat Swivel Mechanism Lever Parts

The Aircraft Modular cabin seats (P/N 2524.014.01 Series) use a swivel mechanism activated by a cable which attaches to the seat swivel level on the arm rest. The parts associated with this mechanism are as follows:

  1. Conduit P/N SP2018245
  2. Wire P/N MC09780-00
  3. Crimp P/N 403B-051
  4. Clip P/N 2000-25-STZD

ATA 56 Windshield Surface Seal Update

PPG, the supplier of the aircraft cockpit windshields, has reformulated the Surface Seal® Gen II coating to the Surface Seal® Gen III. The purpose of the coating is to provide improved water

shedding performance during precipitation conditions. The formulation change was introduced because of PPG’s commitment to providing environmentally sustainable products and evolving regulation while not reducing the water shedding performance.

On June 1, 2020 the existing Surface Seal® Gen II coating will become obsolete. After this date PPG will provide only the new Surface Seal® Gen III coating whether it be for spare windshields or PPG kits used for refurbishing the coating. Any stock of spare windshields and existing Surface Seal® Gen II kits can continue to be used until the supplies are exhausted. If after June 1 you place an order with Textron for the existing Surface Seal® Gen II kit the new Surface Seal® Gen III kit will be provided instead.

The Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) is being revised to address the change, but this communiqué provides the necessary information before the revision will be available.

  • Textron and PPG part numbers for the windshields are not changing.
  • Specified inspection intervals for checking the Surface Seal® are not changing.
  • PPG has updated their procedures which were called out in the AMM as DSS1042, DSS1001-300, or as instructions included in the existing Surface Seal® Gen II kits themselves. The new procedures remain the same except:
    • For the new Surface Seal® Gen III coating, the solution applicator is a two ampule system due to part A and part B needing to be mixed just prior to application, while the existing Surface Seal® Gen II coating solution applicator is one ampule.
    • For the new Surface Seal® Gen III coating, any AMM procedure for curing the coating can reduce the duration from 8 hours to 2 hours.
    • For the new Surface Seal® Gen III coating, during the surface preparation procedure step, the Surface Prep application is applied twice with a 5 minute air- dry after each application.
    • For the new Surface Seal® Gen III coating, during the coating application procedure step, the application is applied twice with a 5 minute air-dry after each application.
  • For ordering the PPG kits used to refurbish the Surface Seal®, the kit numbers are changing per the table below. Also included are the associated kit procedure document numbers.

Though the new documents shown in the above table are not provided as part of this communiqué, if a copy is desired before the AMM revisions are available, please request them from your Field Service Representative or the Textron Aviation Technical Support line.

If you have additional questions or need further support, please contact your Field Service Representative or the Textron Aviation Technical Support at

ATA 61 Hartzell Propeller Grease Change


Hartzell Propeller Inc. has announced, via Service Letter HC-SL-61-366, a change to the grease used of these propellers. The new grease is NYCO GN3058. Textron Aviation recommends that you refer to this Service Letter available from Hartzell Propellers Inc. Textron Aviation will be making the necessary changes to the applicable King Air, 99 Airliner and 1900 Airliner maintenance manuals to reflect this change.

ATA 61 Ground Idle Solenoid Kit

When installing a P/N 129-9031-1 Ground Idle Solenoid Kit, the existing 109-960028-11 bracket may need to be replaced if a secure fit to the Prop Reverse Push-Pull Control cannot be attained. Reports from the Field indicate part replacement is not necessary, in all instances. Additionally, printable AFM and POM Revisions for this Kit may be accessed in 1View.

ATA 71 Engine Compressor Wash Extended Drain Kit

B200/B200GT/B300 Series

The King Air can be equipped with an engine compressor wash ring system as an option from the factory or via a kit (101-9016 for the B200 and 130-9003 for the B300) as an aftermarket installation. When performing a compressor wash, water is introduced to the engine compressor and some of this water can collect on the bottom of the engine exhaust case. There is a drain plug on the engine exhaust case that is there to drain this water however this will require removal of the cowling making this task a difficult one. Textron Aviation has developed a kit to install an extended drain and a drain valve which can be remotely operated by a cable accessible by opening the side cowling door to drain the water from the exhaust case.

The kit part number is 130-9031-0001 and it will have all the materials necessary for both engines. The kit is applicable to the following serial numbers:

  • BB-1439, BB-1444 and after
  • BL-132 and after
  • BT-31 and after
  • BN-5 and after
  • BY-1 and after
  • BZ-1 and after
  • FL-1 and after
  • FM-1 and after.

NOTE: PT6A-60A engines prior to serial number PCE-95474 must have P&WC SB13153 incorporated prior to installing 130-9031-0001.