Aspen Avionics is pleased to announce the Genesys 3100 (STEC) Autopilot integration with Aspen MAX displays.

Fully unlocked interface features NOT shown, refer below for details.  

Genesys Aerosystems recently announced the TSO approval of their v1.4 software for the 3100 autopilot.  This approval is the foundation for an advanced interface between the Genesys 3100 autopilot and Aspen Avionics MAX displays.

Updates to their STCs are in progress that will provide additional enhancements in the coming months. In the meantime, Genesys will be releasing a Service Information Letter (SIL) that will allow the Aspen Pro MAX displays to be interfaced with the 3100 via ARINC429 using existing STC approvals. The “locked” interface will provide many of the advanced features that are included in our v2.11 MAX software, allowing for a reduced scan as well as lower installation costs.

Pro MAX v2.11 interface [without the Advanced ARINC Autopilot Integration unlock] features:

The following features will function without the unlock.

  • Basic autopilot integration output functions; HDG bug, CRS, Lt/Rt, Up/Dn, etc…
  • IAS hold mode / Envelope protection – no external ADC is required, all data is supplied by the Aspen display
  • Altitude and Airspeed preselect – targets can be set on the Aspen display
  • GPS data is routed through the Aspen display to the 3100 – no external switching is required

NOTE: If an Aspen ACU is required for an analog GPS or VLOC interface, it must be an ACU2 to accommodate the high speed ARINC429 output used for the advanced interface.

After the approval for the unlocked interface and the unlock is loaded, these add’l features will be functional.

  • Flight Director command bars on the Pro MAX – no ST670 or ACU2 is required
  • AP/FD mode annunciation on the Pro MAX – no ST670 or ACU2 is required
  • Vertical Speed preselect – target can be set on the Aspen display

Click here for more details on the Genesys website.

This memo is meant to clarify only and does not replace the requirements listed in the respective STC installation instructions or guarantee of compatibility. If you have any questions, reach out to your Aspen Avionics field service engineer. Please contact Genesys Aerosystems directly for pricing of Genesys hardware and SIL /STC release dates.

Thank you for your continued support of Aspen Avionics.