ATA 28- Suspected Atypical Aviation Fuel All Single Engine Cessna and Beech Models that Utilize Aviation Gasoline.

Textron Aviation has received reports of substantial fuel leaks that occurred in aircraft after they were serviced with a batch of suspected atypical aviation fuel. The suspected fuel is known to have been distributed in the Federative Republic of Brazil, South America. However, distribution of the suspected fuel is not necessarily limited to the Federative Republic of Brazil. More information on the possible distributors of the suspected fuel is available in a document published online by The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (APN)1 . The document titled “ANP Communique on Aviation Gasoline (GAV)” is available at the following URL,

We strongly recommend that owners and operators exercise diligence when fueling aircraft in the subject region to avoid servicing with fuel from these sources.

If an aircraft has been serviced with fuel from the identified source(s), the entire fuel system must be drained and flushed with clean non-suspect fuel. Additionally, all non-metallic components (elastomers, gaskets, hoses, etcetera) that could have come in contact with the fuel must be thoroughly checked for serviceability and replaced as needed to assure proper continued function and airworthiness. These inspections must include the complete fuel storage and distribution system, from the point of fuel entry at the fuel filler area throughout the entire storage areas and the complete fuel path to the engine fuel inlet and must include all fuel venting components.

If the engine has been operated or if fuel has been introduced into the engine fuel system since servicing the aircraft fuel system with the suspect atypical fuel, the engine manufacturer must be consulted for additional corrective actions.

The proper maintenance, parts, and other service instruction documents appropriate to the specific aircraft as well as genuine approved parts must be used when conducting the recommended checks and corrective actions.