Napa Jet Center, originally Bridgeford Flying Services, was founded by World War II pilots eager to apply their flying skills to business. At its start, the Napa airport had been built as a military base following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  In 1946, Dick Bridgeford, Caesar Bertagna, and Jack Bergin started a charter business and flying school. These heroes had a vision for the potential of what the Napa airport would become.


In 1990, a renowned group of local aviation enthusiasts purchased Bridgeford Flying Services. Over the next eight years, Bridgeford Flying Services continued to evolve and work to meet the growing needs of the general aviation community.  In 1998, the local owners elected to sell the company to Corporate Airpark, Inc., an investor who would continue the legacy.  

Looking Toward Our Future

Since the purchase by Corporate Airpark (CAP) in October 1998, our company has continued to grow and support all of the needs of general aviation at Napa County Airport. An industry-renowned executive was recruited and through ongoing initiatives, our company continues to grow and evolve into the “Park Place” of general aviation in the beautiful Napa Valley. Corporate Airpark is owned by Frederick Wilhelm Naue, the majority shareholder, and Mark Willey the managing partner. Mr. Naue is a partner of the Naue Corporation, a world innovator in the development of geosynthetic materials for civil engineering projects.

As part of our continued evolution, we continue to invest in facilities and equipment.  CAP completed the development of a private, corporate, transient and maintenance hangar, capable of housing the largest business jets flying today.  In late 1999, our purchase of Actus Aviation, LLC added to our charter capabilities with the addition of a mid-sized jet capable of flying nonstop to Hawaii or the East Coast.  After two years of extensive focus groups of industry peers, marketing experts, local pilots, and the families of our founders, the company rebranded as the Napa Jet Center in September 2011.